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This was a custom-made Sister/Brother Jerk Off Instruction vid! It begins with my brother jerking off in MY bed of all places! I come out of my bathroom after a hot shower and catch him in the act. I’m shocked… I ask why on earth he would be in my bed doing such a thing! He had been dreaming of this day for a long time. He not only was horny for me (his big sis) but he also really wanted my help on how to please a girl and properly stroke his cock to completion. Since my boyfriend was already on his way over I was already wearing a naughty school girl outfit under my robe to surprise him, but decided to go for it and help my brother out. Besides….his big dick was driving me insane. I wanted it. I begin instructing him on how I want him to stroke his cock for me and let him examine my body for the first time! I finally decide that I need to cum too and we masturbate together until we both cum hard! This vid contains a lot of dirty talk and ends with a noise that leads us both to assume my boyfriend has arrived, so we rush to make everything look as if nothing ever happened 🙂


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