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Something this Powerful should probably NEVER have been in the house……Josh has obtained a Powerful Fertility Idol…..the World’s MOST Powerful Aphrodisiac……in an attempt to have sex with a hot girl from his class at school. Legend has it….that when a female touches this Legendary Idol….she will be overcome with Lust….and sexually attack the first male of the species that she sees!!! Sounds like a simple plan, right? What could go wrong? How about your little Sister arriving home from school unexpectedly early…and touching it???!!! Carly innocently fondles the Fertility Idol…and attacks Josh’s cock!!! As she is furiously sucking his cock, Carly says “I don’t know why I’m sucking my Brother’s cock…..I just can’t help it….”. Then Carly strips off her shorts and says “Lick my Cunt!!! Lick my Cunt right now!!”. Josh obeys the orders of his now Zombie-Like Sister….and services her pussy. Then Carly demands to be Fucked…and Fucked hard!! Josh Pounds his Baby Sister as she continues to admire the Powerful Fertility Idol, and he finally unloads his semen all over his Sister’s Tits. Carly kisses the Idol and says “I don’t know what you are….but I love you”.


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