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Dad enters the darkened bedroom, naked except for his bottoms. Daughter is asleep under the covers, wearing only panties and a pajama top. Dad stands beside the bed, takes his shorts off and stand there looking at her masturbating. He pulls the covers off with one hand while still masturbating. He stares at her for a moment, slides her on her back, opens her top and exposes her breasts. He then slips off her panties and starts getting on top of her. Her eyes suddenly pop open, he jumps on top of her and clamps his hands over her mouth and starts screwing her. She kicks, tries to push him off, and screams into his hand. He screws her until he comes, gets off of her and leaves her balled up crying.

Scene Two: Homework Hurts

Emotionless, Alexis is doing homework at the dining room table when her dad starts rubbing her shoulders. A cold feeling of dread comes over her as her dad talks about her becoming a woman. His hands grope her breasts and she tries to ignore him. Not again daddy please She begs him.

He strips his little girl and touches her all over as she pleads with him. A frozen look of fear and humiliation on her face while her daddy fucks her from behind. His hard cock pushing deep into her pussy. Alexis just stares at her homework, quietly sobbing at being used. Please just let me finish my homework she asks. Her tits bounce and her eyes shut hard, her dad grabbing the back of her head and pulling her close. She feels him cum inside her, feels him fill her with his warm wet cum.


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