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Catherina´s bro is about to take it to the next level with his girlfriend, but is a bit inexperienced so he hits up his sis for some advice. Shes a naughty thinker, and the first thing she asks is if he has a big dick. She doesnt want a verbal answer either, she wants to see what hes got. After she gets a peek, she cant help but want to rub it. She encourages him not to cum too early, but hes having trouble. Good thing Catherina whipped her tits out to distract him. The next day, bro goes to tell Catherina about what happened with his girl. Turns out she teased him, left him with a huge hard on, and didnt even give his cock the slightest touch. Good thing Catherina has been craving more of that dick. She offers to help right away, and sucks it good until the last drop.