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Your hot bratty daughter has been so annoying since she hit her adolescent years. Tired of this, wanting revenge, and constantly horny from living with such a hottie, you had managed to slip a pheromone mixed with his cum into her food. This aphrodisiac has made the daughter addicted to her dad’s cum without her knowing it. Over the weeks she has become more frustrated, agitated, and desperate for her fix without know what that fix is. She has begun to notice how much she loves the natural scent of her dad, and begun to become turned and subservient on by his presence. She even has begun to smell and even lick and suck on his clothes. Unless she takes your cum straight from your cock into her body, she will continue to spiral into withdrawal. He has also pointed out her sex drive has been raised and the combination of her being horny and needing his cum is more than she can bear.You have just come into you daughter’s bedroom catching her masturbating and unsuccessfully trying to quench her uncontrollable arousal. You tell her what you have done to her and how her condition can be solved. At first she is angry, demanding that fine, if you wish to manipulate your daughter, she has no choice but to give him a hand job, but quickly, that is clear that that is not enough. She remembers that she used to catch you stealing her panties and offers to jerk him off into hers after she takes them off. After seeing your cock in person, the daughter begins to become more turned on and desperate, and turns her strategy of making you cum from bossy and stern, to more sweet and loving, and then seductive. She then realizes how good his cock smells and her mouth waters, she then thinks you will quickly cum in her mouth if she seduces you into it and talks dirtier.


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